Difference between Amoxicillin and Clindamycin?

My dentist gave me a script for Clindamycin but when my brother went to a completely different dentist (hes older) they gave him Amoxicillin.
did they supply us two different things to treat the same kind of tooth infection? Biggest difference here is that mine would cost me $65 (didn't get it. I can't afford that!) while his one and only cost $4!

Could i take the Amoxicillin instead of the Clindamycin? Or vice versa?

My guess was that he give that to me because im on birth control, but im starting a new pack today.I could not do it for a week and not even have to worry something like it.

Answers:     Even though you both have tooth infections, your infections may be caused by different types of bacteria. Different antibiotics slaughter different types of bacteria. Check with your dentist to see if there is another (cheaper within your case) antibiotic you can take for your infection. Re: Birth Control: My understanding is that taking any antibiotic reduces the worth of birth control pills, and that people who are taking antibiotics should make sure they use an additional method of birth control (such as condoms) while they are taking antibiotics.
The biggest difference is Clindamycin is a lincosamide anti-biotic, and the amoxicillin is a beta-lactam collection of antibiotic.
difference, simply the biochemistry behind the way they kill microbes.

Clindamycin is a popular choice for those allergic to the 'cillin's' , but is only more effective if the patient have built a resistance to the beta-lactam antibiotic family.

If for example you had a heavy strand of anaerobic bacteria growing the clindamycin would be a much better choice.

Perhaps christen the dentist and consult due to price.
Would it be difficult for you to call your dentist and ask him if he can change your prescription? It's perfectly okay to explain it's an monetary hardship. S/he can call it in to your pharmacy and reclaim you $61.00.

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