Appendicitis attack? please minister to!?

are you sure? its late at night i don't want to go contained by if there isn't anything wrong
Answers:    You inevitability to go to the emergency room right now for evaluation and you may need a surgical consult to own your appendix removed.

yone deals with throbbing and infection differently. But that sounds pretty specific and you should go get that checked out tonight. I recently have a friend who had her appendix taken out after it nearly burst and said that labor and birthing was worse! So, even though your pain doesn't nouns that bad, its not going to hurt anything to have a doctor double check, espically since appendicitis is so seriously dangerous.

I tend to own no symptoms with kidney infections until i get horrendous side specific back torment and then spike a 102 degree fever, and by next I have a raging infection that takes some serious antibiotics to kill bad. Usually people find out they have a simple UTI first and a kidney infection because the UTI wasn't cleared up. Me-- no symptoms of the UTI and this last time I get into a fight with the doctor before he conceded more or less having a urine test done (it was positive). My point - I usually don't know I'm sick until I'm really sick, you might be equal way.

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If the pain is on the right lower side it may very capably be. Go have it checked out. ASAP

If it bursts you will die of peritonitis.
Your appendix is below your under-ware line on your right side.If it is your appendix you can not stand up straight because it hurts that bad.

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