100.0 point confusion unpromising?

My head hurts and my skin is extremely sensitive to touch, like very irritating. Should i progress to work? I feel pretty lousy!
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It's a low fever that doesn't warrant a trip to the doctor (yet) but you should stay home to avoid infecting others and to go and get the rest you need to heal properly so you will be back to your elderly self again soon. Otherwise you could be "half-sick" for a long time. One day off is better than three days of being physically present, but useless!
100.0 is fairly mild, although it could indicate you have something which could worsen such as the flu. A Tylenol or Advil should lower the frenzy a little bit. Generally speaking, you want to keep a fever lower than 101-102 which can usually be done with plenty of fluids and medicines.
ver of 104 or superior is considered an emergency and you should get to a hospital immediately.

Only you can decide whether or not you should work. If you embezzle some cold medicine, you'll be probably feel OK - it's just a thing of whether or not you might get people around you sick too.

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