What is the difference between coma and unresponsive?

What is the difference between being unresponsive and being in a coma? My mom is currently contained by the hospital and the doctors say she is unresponsive. They now believe she had a severe tremor (she is epileptic) and somehow she lost oxygen to the brain. Unfortunately they we do not know for how long. After a second cat scan, they found tiny damage all over on both sides of her brain. She is on a respirator. They can not explain why she is not responding. Doctors say here is a chance she may respond and a chance she may stay as she is. Is there any hope?
Answers:     I don't know really but here's some websites that may help:
ref="http://www.mamashealth.com/coma.asp" rel="nofollow">http://www.mamashealth.com/coma.asp
if these don't lend a hand try typing "what is a coma?" into google
ver, from reading these sites, I think unresponsive is just a nicer way of wise saying someones in a coma. It's like saying someone have 'passed away' rather than just saying 'they're dead'.

sorry for you mom, hope she get well soon
You just answered your own query. A coma is thought to be irreversible. Unresponsive means there is still hope that it might change.

They may ask you if you want to stop the ventilator/respirator to see if she will still breathe on her own. If she doesn't breathe on her own you know she really is unconscious, and only alive artificially. If she still breathes but doesn't respond then she is in a coma.

Just remember, they can still hear when comatose. So talk to her, play her favourite music etc.
A coma is pretty much your body going to sleep and curative itself. The brain is still very responsive and responds to things like voices and touch, but the entity is essentially asleep and can't be woken up.
g unresponsive is like being brain dead, merely there is hope. There may be brain receptors that are still firing so she may not be completely brain dead. Thus, unresponsive.

That's as much as I know. But I hope I helped a touch?

-hugs- I'm sorry your put into this kind of situation. Source(s): answer my medical question?
is in a coma. There are different levels of comas; some inhabitants are slightly responsive, follow commands, and pull away from pain. Some are unresponsive and don't counter with the correct response of drawing back from it.

There is hope. Pray and wait.

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