Why does my urine sink to the bottom of the toilet?

I know this sounds wierd, but I'm stressng over it, so plz help!
n't know about why it's "sinking", but usually when your urine is darker than usual, it's because you aren't drinking plenty water.
i vote you drink more water :D

your piss has a different density than the water within the bowl so im guessing the density difference was pretty big so it separated the two liquids in the bowl. yeah a short time ago drink more water.
Since you left out some details like how long this has be going on and if you have any pain it's hard to right to be heard. This isn't really a weird question at all. The urine have crystals in it normally. When these crystals get indigestible due to not enough water and too much of other things like excessive sodium and/or calcium, consequently they get larger and weigh more too. Then they are either washed down and out through the bladder or draw from caught in the kidney where they can turn into a kidney stone causing allot of cramp and trouble there. Since your urine is dense and is also dark the obvious answer is that you involve to drink allot more water. About 8-10 glasses every day. You requirement to be absolutely sure at the end of the day how several you had. Keep track however easiest for you. Since it's already this dense and dark you've dodged a bullet or in your grip a very painful stone. Make sure about this too. Stop stressing as the immune system is effect by it. Water is also great for the immune system too. With the annual fall flu season coming around you'll need your immune system as healthy as it can be. Good luck and God Bless Source(s): nursing experience
you need to drink more water.. the clearer the better! also, because urine is grease
but the 1st part WAS indeed true Source(s): love uu

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