Gallbladder Disease or Stones?

Here's the quick version of my story! :)
the past 14 months I enjoy had 5 "attacks." I call these attacks, because I am not in misery on a regular basis. I have gotten woke up out of the blue, in the middle of the darkness (only once did it happen during the day) with SEVERE pain surrounded by my stomach/front. It's it a peircing pain, that seems to start up high, and purely flood my complete front - side to side, top to bottom. Nothing makes the pain go away. It other goes away in about an hour. Most times I expire up sick in the bathroom with diarrehea/vomiting/sweaty/hot. The next daytime I feel like someone beat me up within the stomach and bruised me up. Also I feel like I can't hold in my stomach!
After attack #2, I go to our local Urgent Care the next day, they said they thought it was the start of diverticulitis and saw the constipation in a xray. After attack 3 or 4 I realized I was most other menustrating at the times of these attacks. So, off to my gyno I go to see if it's related.
It's not - but they did find an ovarian cyst we'll be taking aid of - surprise! So my gyno sent me to get an Ultrasound of my Gallbladder, Liver, Pancreas, and right Kidney. I got that today, and will have my results surrounded by a few days. When the Ultrasound tech pushed right where my ribcage connects, kind of pushing up and underneath, from the middle towards my right, it hurt! She asked me if there be pain in that spot, and seemed to spend some time here in a small area.

Could this be the sign of a bad gallbladder or stones? Is this where on earth the gallbladder is located? Tell me your story. Thanks in advance!
Answers:    see a doctor since it sounds like more than in recent times stones. Source(s): I am my own source
Yes, you need to go and see your doctor. I had matching symptoms and I just had to have my gallbladder removed 8 days ago. The attacks be really bad, and Im glad I wont have to deal next to anymore.

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