Black poop and my stomach hurts...?

I'm twelve and i don't think i've eaten anything abnormal today....
i've be having diarrhea in the morning and just a few minutes ago i discovered i have black poo. this has NEVER happened to me before. its soft and i hold having stomach pain. PLEASE HELP
Answers:    You might be lactose intolerant. Or possibly you have a small case of the stomach flu.
Get a parent and show them. If your stool is black and tarry that is an indication of blood contained by the stool and you need to be seen by a Dr. immediately.
intestinal bleeding is what you might have... jump to a doctor young lady immediately.
ask your parent/gaurdien for advice if they utter its abnormal maybe they should be u to the ER
Those foods don't have iron (or not satisfactory to cause your stool to go dark), but corn could give you diarrhea. In reality, any food could cause diarrhea in someone if they have allergies, or their digestive tract is out of whack, or a few dozen other reason.
e's probably nothing to be overly concerned about if diarrhea and an upset stomach are your only symptoms. If you're vomiting, running a restlessness or have other symptoms in addition to the diarrhea, consequently you may need medical attention.

At any rate, tell mom/dad, and try to write up a decent document of the stuff you've eaten yesterday and today (food can actually take 24-48 hours to exceed through your system, so it may not be what you had today ... it could have been yesterday or the daylight before.

Hope you feel better soon.


It's Saturday, how are you feeling today? About the blueberries - you know, I"m not sure but I would not rule it out. The entry is that food usually takes at least 24 hours to go adjectives the way through our digestive tract. I'm not a doctor/nurse, or a nutritionist, but unless you're sensitive to the berries in some fashion, it's not what I would suspect first.

Have you have blueberries before? Do you remember ever feeling like you have a stomach upset then, even if you didn't have the diarrhea?

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