1 year feeble beside freezing cold hand and foot?

hey, my son is 1 at the end of september and his dad has that thing contained by his fingers called rynaurds disease (not sure how spell it) and my son has always have cold hands and feet but the last couple of weeks his hand especially are always cold the kinda cold that makes you jump when he touches my foot ive rang doctors and they wont see him until his 12 month assessment has its not too far away and cant get him contained by before hand ? is it possible he has this problem too ? gratefulness in advance
Answers:     He could have Raynaud's. It is thought to be at least partly heritable. At night, or even in the daytime if it is really bothering him you could use wheat bags to back warm up his feet or fingers. Try slippers and gloves outdoors too until the doctor gives you more direction or diagnoses.
I don't understand why you cant just make an appointment for your son to see his Gp in need telling them what it is about. as he is under one, that appointment will usually be on one and the same day or the next at the very most up-to-date. Your doctors surgery cannot refuse to see him.
i do not think this is a medical emergency but I agree it needs investigation. There is little that can be done for mild Raynauds as your husband will know except to keep reheat.
It could well be he may have it. Make sure you keep him thaw out and calm because any stress can trigger it off.
Sounds like he's not getting enough circulation through those areas. Demand to see a doctor, your a worried parent who just requests answers.
Called NHS and tell them you are worried almost your son, but your own doctor cant get you in, nhs will get you an appointment asap it may be down your local hospital but at lowest possible your seeing someone, its for your own Peace of mind not the doctors, i have two young children myself so i would do anything to get them see,
them a call and see what they say.
0845 4647

hope this help.

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