33 Year outdated feminine beside pins needles, numbness - facade, hand and foot?

Wondering if anyone can help me. I have been experiencing pins and needles / tingling within my face, hands and feet. Originally started surrounded by my left hand and left side of facade, but has now travelled into both sides of body - limbs and obverse, also lips occasionally. I have been seeing a neurologist who is inept to come up with a quick answer/fix to my problem. We know its a neurological problem. I have have tests for carpel tunnel and nerve conduction study done on my hands and foot. Have also had an MRI of my brain and spine - which showed a shaded area either side of the largest parts of brain - but doc is unsure whether this has always been in attendance or whether its a symptom. Have also experienced dizziness/light headed feelings which then make me a bit shaky and nausea comes on if i keep moving around. Have also experienced a bit of trouble with focussing - wear glasses, have eyes checked and they are normal. Have had a vision experiment done when you look at a black and white checked screen and measurements are taken of brain waves, but all seem fine. Went through a lumber puncture last week - or should i say three - as they had trouble removing fluid so tried different spots :( The single result that has shown up from the lumber is a small rise in protein. Originally doc thought ms but is now looking for metabollic disorders - almost to undergo more blood tests to try to get to the bottom of it. Also going to attain tablets to help with the pain as the pins and needles, tingling worsens and turns into throbbing and tender. Has anyone an idea on what this could be?? Thanks, BE
Answers:    It is likely that your doctor has considered strokes if he have considered MS. Since nerve conduction and neuron transmission is likely involved it may be a upright idea to have your magnesium levels checked. There are some test that can check magnesium; and one is a hair analysis.
seizures are preceded by weeks or months of numbness then the spasm sets in.

Please answer some of these questions and think almost when the problems started.
1.Has your blood pressure recently changed?
oes your heartbeat race frantically without exercise?
4. Have you recently been overexposed to any pesticides? Even something as simple as wasp spray; or enjoy you had your home treated recently by a pest control company?
5. Have you recently be cut or wounded; especially by a rusty nail or had an injury exposed to rust or manure?
6. Do you drink meat? If you don't eat meat, or if you don't eat much meat pernicious anemia may cause some of these symptoms. B12 would relieve this problem.
you right to be heard measurements of brain waves do you mean that you had an EEG. For if you hold not had an EEG I think you should arrange one with your MD.

Please consider that if you are not good enough in B12 and don't eat much meat this may be the problem.

Now, if you hold recently been injured and consequently exposed to rust or manure this could inflict tetany which is a condition caused by Clostridium Tetani.

Well, if nothing else perhaps this will relieve you eliminate some of the possibilities.
about 85yrs ago i had that it feel like my fingers and face were swelled i have an mri and it came back that theres a cyst at the base of my spine and attached itself to the resolve roots i have bone degeneration now because of it lyimg on the bone to long

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