How serious are arm blood clots?

My 19 year old brother was diagnosed today with a blood clot surrounded by his arm
are the chances he will be okay?
how long does it take to heal a blood clot? what are the risks?
please oblige im freaking out a little bit i just hope hes alright
Answers:    there are two kind. one is extremely dangerous and one is not. I had the one that is not from self in the hospital after a surgery it was in the crook of my arm. I don't even reckon they treated mine. after a few days the soreness left and it resolved on its own. I had an ultrasound on my arm to determine which kin it was. seem like they gave me some minor kind of pills now that I am thinking about it.
Blood clots are a danger, but more so when they are not certain about. It's not a serious issue as long as it doesn't move to the brain or the heart. If they weren't discovered before they moved to the heart or the brain it would be a serious event. I'm sure your brother will be just fine presently that the doctors know there is an issue. They will most likely put him on some kind of blood thinner to dissolve the clot. He'll be a moment ago fine, relax! =)

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