Goosebumps on one leg. is epilepsy even possible?

This just recently started, it's my left leg and something like once every 5-10 minutes it will get goosebumps. i searched around the internet a little, trying to find some answers and i found a verbs about epilepsy.
, my eye occasionally has twitching problems, and my hands slightly shake. I can't hold them steady. I've overlooked these things in the recent past, but could it be a symptom?
Is it even possible to have epilepsy if you don't have seizures?
also, I'm 16
Answers:    Epilepsy is characterized by normal, disorganized, abnormal electrical firing in brain cells, which can disrupt run of the mill functioning of the brain. This disruption can cause recurrent seizures, which is the biggest symptom of epilepsy. While these seizures are usually caused by abnormal electrical commotion in the brain, they can manifest very differently from person to soul. For instance, one type of seizure may cause a brief loss of consciousness, whereas another seizure type may produce uncontrollable jerking of the entire body.
Knowing the characteristic of your seizure is important because this will help your healthcare provider select the most appropriate treatment to manage your seizure. Most people suffering from epilepsy do not remember their seizures, or what be happening to them before their seizure occur. In this case, it is important to involve family and friends to endow with an account of how your seizures presented and any other information related to it.
e are the most common symptoms experienced any before, or during, a seizure. Your symptoms will depend upon the type of seizures you are have, so you might not experience all of these symptoms:

Weakness can occur in any commandeering type and in any area of the body. For instance, weakness can any occur in an arm, a leg or both.
ety is usually experienced in most tremor types and can signal a seizure is about to occur. In some types of seizure, anxiety, or an impending sense of doom, can be an aura, or a consistent symptom in a person right before they own a seizure.
Staring out into space is a symptom experienced by individuals who have absence seizure. Usually, these individuals appear to be briefly daydreaming when, in fact, they are actually experiencing a occupation. This usually only lasts for a few seconds and may be accompany by blinking or repetitive movements, such as movement of the mouth or fingers.
Purposeless or Repetitive Movements
of Consciousness
Some seizures may cause a loss of consciousness, which may last for a few second to hours.
Contraction, or Jerking, of Body Muscles
Usually when you think of seizures, the characteristic thought is that of every muscle contracting surrounded by the body. This is referred to as a grand mal seizure. However, involuntary muscle contractions can also occur contained by isolated areas of the body. For instance, muscle contractions in an arm may cause an object to crash to the ground. Muscle contractions surrounded by the legs may cause someone to drop to the ground, causing further injuries. Source(s): the order…
Epileptic symptoms are caused by overactivity in certain group(s) of brain cell. the group(s) that are overactive will dictate the symptoms of Epileptic seizures. Many symptoms of Epilepsy are NOT as major as convulsions from a visual point of view. Conversely not all convulsions are a result of having Epilepsy. Best to talk to your Dr. in the order of your symptoms and your related apprehensions about them. Many things cause duplicate symptoms. It is therefore dangerous to self diagnose.
Within the realm of neurology seizure are a definite symptom of Epiliepsy even if they are not convulsions. Medication can help many epileptics live occupation free lives as a result of the symptoms being controlled by appropriate medication. Get checked out is my best advice. I am a lifelong Epileptic and I have lived a great time despite occasional symptoms at various times in my life and the potential for others. I am 54 years elderly. Good luck to you.

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