Coffee Makes Me Sleepy?

Everytime I drink coffee in the morning, I feel as if I can go straight vertebrae to sleep. I don't know why it does that but am I the only one this effects? And why does coffee do that to me?
Answers:     If you are still sleepy in the morning, the coffee will not help out. Try to get 8 hours of sleep every night & you won't be sleepy in the morning.
because you enjoy a resistance to caffeine. Don't drink coffee, drink a fruit juice or have a hot meal or toasted something on the walk. Coffee works differently depending on your lifestyle and diet but as for you, don't drink coffee because you think it will heep you awake because it wont, you get most of your energy from food anyways.
hmm, does me too. makes me sleepy
n drink something with caffine and lately go right to sleep. the more caffiene, the more sleepy.

it is called being iatrogenic, contained by my case, i can take something that makes most general public hit the floor and it peps me up, like pain med they gave me after surgery.

ypes my wife up big time...
I enjoy the same problem. I try to drink coffee to keep myself awake yet it other seems to have the opposite effect.

I reflect warm drinks in general will hold that effect. Hot tea or coco will do the same thing...
Switch to caffeinated!
uhmm, conceivably you need more sleep,
the caffeine er whatever, darn :\.
idk ahah i tried answering this.
You are not the one and only one. It happens to my spouse also. Drinking it at night works like a sleeping pill. Strange, but true. On the other mitt, if he drinks Pepsi first thing in the morning it doesn't make him sleepy. I mull over it has something to do with the warm=soothing but cold does not. Source(s): life experience

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