A few question nearly HIV?

one of an old friend of mine is HIV positive.shes 24. does this automatically mean that she is going to die soon, if so how long will she live for? do all inhabitants that have HIV become really sick and die or is their treatment? Also if they do become sick, is their specific symptoms or do they just get tons types of diseases?
, can HIV be transmitted of late as easily as AIDS. Can it be transmitted during sex even if the male wears a condom.
I hold heard that AIDS is a horrible disease, but is it managed better in developed countries that enjoy better treatment plans?
Answers:    All people that have HIV do get sick eventually and die, and alot quicker than normal people, but there is no time go up, her doctor / hospital might be able to indicate how long she will be around for as apposed to how serious her condition of it is, how far on etc, There is NO cure, but there is medication that prolongs her life, Symptoms are on wikipedia.. It can be caught confidently, through sex, even with condoms, (if it splits) and through cuts, and eyes, if you get their blood in your eyes.. You enjoy a lot of questions your better asking someone professional, or looking it up on your local countrys health website, NHS etc.. or BBC.

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