"Zyban" have anyone used it, if so did you hold any side effects, & did it stop you smoking ?

Answers:     I'm sorry I know I'm new here, I was just looking for some stopping smoking tips but I feel I had to reply to this...
only just hear of Zyban literally half an hour ago while in my local shop, I mentioned I'm quitting smoking (Day 1 today!) and I also mentioned I was taking tablets (Champix), and she asked me if that one and the same as 'Zyban'. I wasn't sure..still not but it seems Chantix is related to Zyban NOT Champix. She then go on to tell me her husband ended up becoming schizophrenic because of these tablets and needed other medication to help him, which he later became dependant on because he was afraid not to take them. In the come to an end he's still smoking.

jen42074 you seem to have given misleading information here and I suggest you check things before relating people if tablets are safe or not, and what tablets names are.
Zyban is known to cause severe depression, upset tummy and headache, it also seems to have these side effects lon after having finished the course. I would suggest and recomend Champix, it have hardly any side effects except in some people an upset tummy. I used Champix after several erstwhile attempts at quitting, i am now a non smoker. Champix is only available with a prescription from your GP, try it and pious luck.
willzz has it wrong. Zyban doesn't cause depression, it treats depression. It's other name is Wellbutrin. Wellbutrin is covered by insurance, Zyban is not. When I used it, I have strange vivid dreams, but I had them when I quit cold turkey too. It didn't work for me when I used it, I eventually tried the patch and then cold turkey, and cold turkey worked best for me

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