Middle of my chest hurts when breathing or bending.?

I haven't been sick in quite a while so only just to rule out any type of flu chest infection.
the past few months the middle of my chest has been hurting messily when i breath i haven't been able to pin point a cause or what could take home it happen. when it does hurt it only hurts for about a minute or so afterwards im fine for probably a few weeks or so.

Within the past week my chest has been hurting constantly i can touch some kind of pressure a little to the left upper rotten the centre of my chest kind of like a cut is stabbing me when i breath. Also when ever i bend over or turn side to side, when i come back to sit up or sit straight it really hurts and it feel like i entail to push on my chest to crack it kind of like if i were to enjoy a stiff back but it is in my chest.
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It could be anything from a cracked rib to pleurisy, an inflamation of the lungs. I had pleurisy several years ago. I did not turn to the doctor until it got really bad. I was winded merely walking into a store, but it really hurt whenever I laid down, as if someone had placed bricks on my chest. It could be many other things though, and if it does not start getting better you should see a doctor.
Go to the doctor.
Something you should be asking your doctor
you should be going to a doctor instead of posting a cross-question on DiseasesFAQ.com. this could be/ is very dangerous, and should not be dealt beside lightly! see a doctor, because breathing is important to survive, and if you cant do that, then you hold a problem.

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