Campfire smoke=sore throat?

Last night I was outdoors around a campfire for a few hours, and it was pretty cold outside for this season (3 degree C). I also spent a lot of time away from the fire just in the plain cold weather. Today I enjoy a sore throat (only the sides of it). It particularly hurts on the left side, only when I swallow, which also make my left ear hurt and tingle on the inside. I have been sneezing a bit today and my feeler is runny, could this be related to the smoke/cold, and if it is, what can I do?
Answers:    it is definitely related to the smoke, the loose debris enter your lungs and can cause it very hard to breathe including the sore throat, it only takes time for everything to fully go away, you could try drinking cold water, taking some cough drops/sore throat drops and relieve the agony, if the throat is really bothering you you could try drinking a teaspoon of lemon juice with a little bit of honey that opening it wont taste so sour. that would definitely help the dull pain in the throat.

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