...acne problem (i guess) lend a hand?

Hey guys, i'm thinking my problem has to with acne, but then again i'm not sure because it's be here for looong time.
The sides of my nose--like the nostril sides--are seemingly permanently red. Always always always, even when i'm not breaking out they're sitting in attendance. What the hell is up with that..?
What's your advice on getting rid of them? (if you even know what they are) thank you.
Answers:     the skin on the side of ur proboscis is probably irritated, do u wash it to much?? or maybe u might hav put somthing on ur skin to make the acne run away tht caused a allergic reaction or irritatio....u might wanna get som species of soothing cream or a kind of cream tht wont cause breakouts but will moisturize ur skin
Yeah do you ever see the people that don't have acne but enjoy a red face? This is like acne, a skin infection but without the pimples. I'd suggest something next to salicylic acid in it either a rinse or a treatment to clear it out. Oxyclean has this acid in it, so do oodles others even some face lotions. Wash your face atleast 2 times a day and apply any of these things, and if it continues see a specialist.
This could be a number of things from dryness, rosacea, broken capillary or iron deficiency. Best thing to do is to see a dermatologist if it is that bad, otherwise only try moisturizing if it is dry skin, if it is broken capillaries you're fine too.
Im guessing you have be picking around the sides a lot?

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