How do I know if my wound's infected?

I had surgery 2 days ago, & the nurse said make sure the wound area doesn't become infected, if it does, will it turn color or become itchy or something?
Answers:    First of adjectives,for an open wound it is really important for you to avoid applying antiseptic cream on that area since it will receive your skin worse.Even though it is an antiseptic cream,it will irritate your wound and could promote to skin infection.Plus,make sure that your wound is dry all the time since if it is moist,this could lead to bacterial infection.Other than that,you'll do purely fine.

However,if you observed redness or discharge around that area,it looks like you're have a skin infection so try to consult your doctor to prescribed proper medication for you.I would also recommend you to to drink green tea once daily since it could sooth your wound internally.Hope I helped(:
You should have been given instructions on what to look for. If you own redness around the site, discharge (pus) from the wound, fever you need to see your doctor as these may be signs of infection. Source(s): PA surgical critical thought

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