A echelon of dry/dead skin on my top lip?

sometimes when i use hair removal cream on my upper lip i get like small scabs after a sunshine on the outside of my lip. i then get like a stratum of really dry/dead skin on that lip. this also happens if i lick my lips alot. i've been putting vaseline on my chops all the time and i've tried to stop licking my lips but they still feel funny. the skin is also starting to slightly coat at the top. is there anything else i can put on them that i could get from a drugstore in the UK
k you :)
Answers:    Since this is deceased skin, all you can do is remove it, and it shouldn't feel funny after that. Here's the cheapest & EASIEST thing to do:

Mix 1 cut Honey & 1 part Sugar, mix until it makes a paste, this is a inborn scrub/exfoliator, take the mixture & GENTLY rub it on your upper lip until it almost goes numb from the scrubbing (don't do it too unyielding because you can easily irritate it because of the rough texture). Rinse off with cold dampen & pat dry....this is guaranteed to work.

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