A grotesque grill, but how can I quit my craving of biting the skin on my fingers?

As far back as I can remember (I am talking toddler age) I have other bit the skin off of my fingers. I do it when I am nervous, or when I am bored and not thinking. I really really wish that I could stop because I other feel really awkward when signing things, or when someone in school notice (which they have)
ever someone notices they go like "what happen to your finger?" And I just make up an excuse or say "Oh I accidently burned it"

I really craving that my fingers could be normal, but I dont know how to stop...
Answers:    I used to have the same problem! There is a product out nearby, that you can put on your fingers to help you not chew. However i cant remember the name of the product :<

There's nothing to be embarrassed about, its completely common!

I hope i helped you out

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