About my child..unthinking turned into a bruise?

the other morning my son woke up with like a Poison ivy looking rash on his cheek towards his eye so it trademark the top of his eye look swollen. he was itching it so i gave him something for it. later that daytime after school (hes 3 btw) the rash was more of a blemish type not bumpy but still a reckless but then their was a bruise under and resting on the eye and on the cheek were the rash was..the unwary looks almost like a baseball size rash its round and all. today the imprudent has mostly cleared up and the bruising looks worse. i call the on-call nurse she couldn't tell me anything. any philosophy of what it could be. could he have gotten hit that bad in the frontage?
Answers:    I can't tell you what caused the rash, but if you scrape an itch enough, it can cause a bruise.

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