How can i cure the niggle of a sun burn?

I have this horrible sun burn on my face and it hurts to blink and smile and to lay down on a pillow...even just to touch underneath my eyes!! I have this 100% aloe stuff but it really does not help...any ideas? I'm so humiliated!
Answers:    I am a redhead lol and I have had some horrid sunburns.. I enjoy found noxema (skin cream) cools and takes away the pain... plus cool wash rag.. you may also want to try and find aloe with a pain killer within it.. your local pharmacist will be able to help. any more questions have a feeling free to write me! good luck!
* Keep it cool. Apply cold compresses — such as a towel dampened beside cool water — to the affected skin. Or take a cool tub.
* Leave blisters intact. If blisters form, don't break them. You'll only slow the invigorating process and increase the risk of infection. If needed, lightly cover blisters with gauze.
* Take an over-the-counter pain reliever. If needed, bring anti-inflammatory medication — such as aspirin or ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin, others) — according to the label instructions until redness and soreness subside. Don't give children or teenagers aspirin. It may wreak Reye's syndrome, a rare but potentially fatal disease.
* Treat peeling skin placidly. Within a few days, the affected area may begin to coating. This is simply your body's way of getting rid of the top layer of damaged skin. While your skin is blistering, continue to use moisturizing cream. Source(s):…
Go to the grocery store buy regular sour cream and put in a thick vein were the burns Source(s): personal experience
Vinegar takes the sting and swelling out of a sunburn. Careful around your eyes!! Take a cotton ball and pat it on your face.
This may sound crazy but, vinegar certainly helps! It stinks but it will totally help with the discomfort and redness!
Take some aspirin and put tons of aloe on it. Then wait 3 days. A soak in cold wet helps too. That's really all unfortuneatly.
when i used to attain really badly burnt (im a redhead so burn really easily) i use sudocrem, it takes the sting out..
I've tried it. And it took me a week to get rid off the torment. Just apply some sunscreen or lotion so your skin won't peel off or something like that.
There is a greem gel Aloe Vera for burns and it soothes and cools burns. Try that. I know yours didnt work but this works wonders!!
If you know someone that have an aloe plant, it would be better and cheaper to just use the plant on your sunburn.
Ice..? Aftersun cream..? Cold shower..? Any of these could help.
My mom gets sunburn really bad...she take corizone, it helps sooth it and stops the itching

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