A examine just about mole removal?

Ok, i have three moles the size of pencil erasers on my face, two are flat and one is raised. I would resembling to get them removed and im 16, so i know i cant now. What would be the best time to get them removed and will it move a scar?
Answers:    this will take about 3 weeks to heal, you must other be careful when removing moles from your face. when it starts to heal the skin sometimes pumps seriously of collagen into that area causing a "raised" scar instead of a flat one. regardless you will own a flat scar Source(s): i have had a mole removed from my d¨Ścolletage once, can still see the scar
I was within the same position as you, well sorta, I had more moles I considered necessary to remove, but 1 of them was on my face. I got quoted several hundreds of dollars by the Dr. and wasn't even guaranteed to remove the mole completely.
ndividual unsatisfied with that, I researched several other methods. I found there are a few at home mole remover products available, but that most of them contained harsh acids. For me this wasn't going to work, as one of my moles be in a sensitive area, and well sharp wasn't going there at all.

I found a product called Dermatend, and adjectives I can say is WOW. This product has helped me to remove a total of 6 moles from my body, including the 1 on my obverse, and all without any scarring too. It was awesome the 1st mole I removed be gone in 5 days, and the rest of them took no longer than 10 days to be removed.

There is a healing balm to be exact sold with it to help prevent scarring. Oh yeah not to mention it comes with a 100% money pay for guarantee too.

As far as your hair growing back, it's hard to speak I don't know. Source(s): http://www.Mole-WartRemoval.com
If it really annoys you, for now (even if your a guy) just use a bit of concealer to cover up it. If I were you I would get it in your twenties. As for the scar, my mom got a mole removed and it's probably the same size as yours (but flat) and there isn't really a obvious scar, but you can see it if you stand REALLY CLOSE. But then again, you might probably want to get rid of the mole more than you do the deformity. As for the hair, i'm not sure but it will probably be removed along with the mole (laser right?)
There is a natural product that rmeoves moles called dermatend.
ed it on some on my collar and it worked great.

I documented it on the website below.

Good luck! Source(s): http://www.my-dermatend-review.com

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