A stripper put a lollipop surrounded by her vagina and later contained by my mouth. I have a small sore within my mouth. Can I find HIV?

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Vegas for a bachelor party for a good friend. One hours of darkness the best man had two strippers come to our room. One of the strippers inserted a lollipop into her vagina and without me realizing it, she stuck it contained by my mouth. I quickly removed it. However, I believe I had the beginnings of a mouth ulcer at the top of my gums, where on earth it meets my upper cheek. It disappeared quickly. However, since that night, I enjoy been so worried that it may have been possible that I contracted HIV. I haven't slept much since, because I spend the night coming in and out of panic attacks. I'm afraid to touch my wife, because I don't want to infect her.
happily married, 10 years this year, and own two wonderful children. I've never been unfaithful to my wife, and wouldn't dream of doing so. I just can't believe a stupid lollipop might possibly bring upon the destruction of my own flesh and blood and I.

I went as far as having the guy who ordered the girls call the stripper and ask her give or take a few her STD situation. She insists that she's clean, but that has done little to ease my mind.

entail to be tested
i hope you complained about what she did to you, you poor guy, i would have puked
If she was hiv positive then yes it is possible. However, lucky for you surrounded by Vegas they have very strict health rules for dancers and strippers as powerfully as the prostitutes that are not street walkers and if they are in that business the chances are terribly slim.

They stay on top of that stuff in Vegas.
There is a possibility. Small, but nevertheless. Check yourself for HIV before sleeping with your wifey, or use protection before you hold test results.
WOW! You should have never allowed her to-do that. Actually she could have be fired because they are only suppose to-go but so far unless you ask for a more private event.
you have the cudies. Get tested by a mouth swab at your local ER.
No risk. Not a single documented case of an hiv nouns in the manner you describe. Source(s): CDC
This sounds like a quote from Pineapple Express.
"I told you not to put away that lollipop out of that stripper's snatch!"
But anyways hope you don't have anything.
It is possible because the mucous membranes carry HIV and any lollipop that goes into a vagina is going to rub across those mucous membranes. When the lolipop go into your mouth that HIV infested mucous is going into your mouth as well. There are mucous membranes in your mouth so you don't even need to enjoy an open sore ulcer to get HIV that course but an ulcer provides an additional entrance way.

exposure date.
i think that its dumb that u put a lolipop from a stripper in your mouth yeah but she prolly dont have hiv , justt cuz your a stripper dont be determined that you have sex with everybody u just take naked. but if she do got it then at smallest you kno her number cuz u could put her in jail because thats attempted murder. u should jus go achieve checkd. u will b fine.

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