Persuasive speech on HIV/AIDS?

Hi! For my speech class, I'll be presenting a persuasive speech on HIV/AIDS positive children and how we can help or get involved.
can you please give tips on how i can make the speech more interesting since I'll be presenting it to fellow teenagers.
Answers:    Not knowing your age group and assuming you're in a elevated school speech class I'd say one way is to prevent HIV/AIDS positive children by using condoms. Get a banana and some condoms and show how sudden and easy prevention can be! demonstrate how easy it is to slide a condom over the banana may amuse some class mates but also teach at the same time. Just use your leadership skills to involve positive HIV/AIDS education. Maybe distribute the free clinic information in your area. Love, sex and abstaining are other ideas to natter about
Good Luck

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i think you should not only talk around sex but talk about love too. you should explain to them you should wait until youre positively sure that youre ready when youre ready and to not let ethnic group pressure you into something youre not ready for because only you have to live next to that decision. and talk a bout the afterlife of aids-when youve been diagnosed beside aids- survey real ppl with aids so you can really persuade them!

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