How can you detail if it's merely a pimple or a herpes sore?

So I recently learned that those with genital herpes can enjoy an outbreak on their butt cheeks. So I was wondering... how can you tell if a small bump on your butt cheek is just a pimple (or boil) cause by sweat... or it's a herpes sore? I currently have a pimple on my right butt cheek and I'm pretty sure it's just caused by sweat (the weather's be pretty hot lately). My boyfriend has HSV-1 down there (which was my discouraging...stupid cold sore I didn't notice =\) and he hasn't had an outbreak ever since he first found out he had it--and we've also be really safe, so I definitely don't think I own it [down there]. But after learning what looks like a pimple/boil could be a herpes sore, it's got me thinking... What's the difference?
Answers:    A boil is usually a solid lump, very painful and redness can crop up as well as spreading, but does not itch until it is starting to heal. Herpes is more like a clear runny liquid lump or lumps that itches and burns while it is coming out and herpes will usually run its course between 7-10 days before crusting over and healing.
I get them contained by exactly the same spot. They can range from one bump like a bug bite to blisters. Please shift and get tested as that is the only path you will know for sure.
or your boyfriend...HSV1 genitally is not usually as bad as HSV2 and since it's not the site of preference - mouth is. The outbreaks are less - sometimes one and only the initial outbreak.
Doubt it is herpes. Just a "red bump", doesn't everybody got those on their butt haha.
There are some pictures going on for
What Does Herpes Look Like, just for your reference
Well .. I hold had herpes for 7 years now so I have the experience to report to you that what you are experiencing is more than likely a pimple or aggravation from sweat and heat, it could even be an ingrown hair. The first time you acquire an outbreak - you will know. It is very very painful and 9 times out of ten you will win more than 1 bump. I was crying puddles with my first outbreak so if the pain is liveable and at hand is no "clusters" i think you are in the clear for herpes- just be wary because he can spread them to you when he is shedding - aka no visible outbreak- hope this helps
The difference is mostly symptoms. There are usually some symptoms involved beside herpes even it it's your first out break there would be at least some painful itching. Some times lately bumps or pimples don't come with symptoms. But herpes can look like tiny pimples or bug bites, or open sores.
HSV1 can be smaller quantity sever to have down there, I have lone had 2 out breaks of it since I contracted it over 2 years ago. I have had more out breaks or HSV2 down at hand then HSV1.
The only way you could know for sure is if you have the pimple tested for herpes by your doctor.

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