Tingling Sensation while Urinating?

I have a tingling feeling while i urinate and after i urinate the feeling is still in attendance. I masturbate alot could this be causing it? I also wasn't circumcised. Im 14 and male. Someone help me.
Answers:    when you masterbate, semen stays contained by your urethra even after your all done. when you go pee it helps verbs out the semen, and since you "masterbate alot" there could be a lot of left over semen. that can be the tingling impression
In general, the most common symptoms of a urinary tract infection involve the process of urination:
or a burning feeling during urination

A thought of urgency, or feeling the need to urinate frequently
An altered appearance of the urine, either bloody (red) or cloudy (containing pus)

Passing only a tiny amount of urine even when the urge to urinate is strong
Other, more generalized, symptoms can also usher a urinary tract infection:

Fever is not common if the infection is in the lower urinary tract (urethra or bladder), but may be present, especially if the infection has spread to the kidneys or blood. Source(s): www.medicinenet.com

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