How are guys tested for STD's?

I've heard horror stories about having swabs jab 'down there' is this true? I'm scared :S
Answers:    Depend on what they are testing for. You should check into it though if you are worried about having something.
umm in school they told use that it depends on which std or sti it is cause not adjectives are easy to be tested for -for men.... last i heard in attendance was none of that u get that cotton swob in your mouth which is approaching a qtip rubbed on the inside or your mouth..... or blood test can be done ....... your cn get like to 10min exam or something they do have the 6month test too for big std's Source(s): snape, choices, women of the future , & condition in my school
they gash DNA samples off your bellend with a rusty blade
The worst part is just one tiny bee sting approaching effect what doesn't last more than 2 seconds. It's no biggie.
I walked over the hospital vehicle park, i had to stop as it was rubbing against my trouser stinging. I held up a few cars who looked surprised at why I stopped... I thought a hospital might have given it away, it's not as if it be a city centre street, could have been anything wrong near me. But that was the last complaint.
pee in cup
They shove a cotton swab, AKA a q-tip, down your urethra and swab it for bacteria or anything you want to call it. Very painful from what I've heard.
Depends on the test but yes, for some of them they will swab your urethra. They hold to get a sample of what is going on in in that and they cannot always get it from pee.

Both my brother and my husband have told me stories almost this. It isn't fun but if you think you have an STD better to put up with a few moments of distress than to endanger your health, right?
You cannot void (urinate) for 2 hrs. Then you will be given a bottle to null and void in. This will be tested. There will also be blood work done. Nothing to fear. Source(s): Phlebotomist & lab tech
They would do a simple blood theory test, you are thinking of an infection of the urethra.

w it in a condition video for school last week.
hell yea i would be scared too but thats y you dont do * resembling that.
Depends on the test:

HIV and Syphilis are blood test.
rrhea and chlamydia are now urine tests but used to be the Q-tip up the penis. Most places should now proffer a simple urine test though.

Herpes and HPV are more diffucult to diagnose unless you have an outbreak that the DR can see.
Yes specifically TRUE. The only way to check for some STDs is to get rodded AKA enjoy a swab jammed down your cock!
they might stick a qtip in your wee wee. but they could also just do a pee audition or blood test
I know it hurts but they shove a q- tip entity up your dick hole. Source(s): PDR Class at school
uhh... I don't think so 0.0
I heard they stick something in your wang :'(
Yeh i hope thats not true......
I was tested last year. Just a blood & urine preview. I've heard of the old swab down the pee tube, but they never did it on me. Maybe it's because I have a tiny penis and they thought I be a virgin.
no im pretty sure they just take urine token, i was just learning roughly speaking this stuff in health class
Some tests are by blood and others are by swabbing I believe, but its not as startling as it sounds. People do it every day and survive just fine :) Its worse being womanly and having them put cold metal devices inside of you!
blood tests mostly.
Some tests involve swabbing of the "delecate tissues", yes. But most STD tests are blood tests.
pee in the cup or blood test
no it isnt true. you pee surrounded by a cup and they do blood tests.
dance see a doc
thats awkward im pretty sure they wouldnt do that.
blood test...pee in cup...check symptoms.
no, they do stick a q-tip up ur dick.
i don't cogitate so. i think its either peeing in a cup or blood exam.

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