Can you procure herpes from sharing underwear?

Answers:    oonly if the bumps are leaking out and you use someones underwear by awitching with someone without wash
-face palm- NO, people are innocent and think you can still get that from a toilet seat. Yes possibly if they have viral shedding, but even then you'd have to swap underwear at lighting bending speed.
have more of a chance at catching scabies or crabs from sharing underwear than anything else. Source(s): works at infectious disease clinic.
ummn, NO! you can only get it thru skin to skin contact.

seth: herpes cant survive for that long on a surface, herpes will only survive for smaller quantity than a second on an object that isnt skin. so i stick to my answer and say herpes CANNOT be transmitted by sharing underware. dont believe me? do some research and find out yourself
Jenna56: Skin to Skin still applies because we do shed skin.

if you ARE sharing underwear, at least wash them before use.
Herpes is spread through skin-to-skin contact. Another person said we shed skin, which is true, but herpes is a virus that dies inside seconds. It would be very hard for the virus to live long ample for that to happen.

If the underwear was washed, consequently there's nothing to worry about. Hopefully it be.

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