Can you procure herpes from swallowing sperm? If the being does not enjoy a outbreak..?

Can you get herpes from swallowing sperm if the person does not have an outbreak? And if yes is in attendance a high chance of contracting it.
Answers:    Yes you can return with herpes from any contact with sperm and the chance of contracting it is very dignified.
unless the entity is on supressive therapy there is a possiblity that the herpes virus is present whether he has an outbreak or not.... even if the human being is on supressive therapy there's a possibility that the virus is present, but it's unlikely. yes you can contract the herpes virus from oral sex... you would most likely become infected on the lips, within the mouth or down your throat should the virus be able to penetrate the opening of skin within any of these areas.
No herpes does not live in sperm and is not passed through it. It's passed when you enjoy skin to skin contact (ie having oral sex or sexual intercourse) with a person who have herpes. You wouldn't get genital herpes on your genitals just from swallowing. Genital herpes can be but is not commonly passed to the mouth, it likes to live on the genitals.
yes, that is the best mode to get it, how did it taste, like herpes, horrid. wat color was it, was it a clear liquid
Herpes is not contained in sperm, its attached to resolve ganglia and transmitted by skin to skin contact as the virus moves to the surface, or is present in a herpes lesion.

Swallowing sperm can put you at risk of other STDS Source(s): Registered Nurse

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