Can you get hold of any STDs from using impossible to tell apart shower?

Can you get an STD or any other DANGEROUS illnesses form using the same shower as an infected person?
nyways! Could I have encountered a STD or something else? :((
Helppppp, thanks. and no rude comments please..
Answers:    Athletes foot is the worst thing you will probably ever acquire from a shower.
Your smart. If that person had herpes(the open-handed that gives you warts on your feet) and you used it after them then you would enjoy most likely gotten it. But you waited and then wash with hot water. Warning: If your the kind of personality who likes to take the occasional bath later I'd clean it. Even if it was months afterward. Not because of germs but just because im sure you don't want the intuition of fear that one little germ from a person that took a bath and not a shower stayed within your tub.
Good for you for one cautious, but there is no STD that can live outside the body for two weeks. It's always a right idea to clean the shower with a chlorine bleach product when ancestors you're not sure about use it. In your case, you would just be cleaning up late skin cells and whatever they held - also dead. The hot dampen was a good idea too. You're pretty smart. Here's a knit to learn more: Source(s):
You can't catch STD's from sharing the same shower
A fungus or bacterial infection may be the worst thing you could get from sharing a shower, if it's not cleaned regularly. You can't get an std from sharing a shower, unless you used personal items (like razors) near in seconds after some one with an std used them.
are more likely to be transmitted if you have sex with some one that have one.
You can't catch STD's from sharing the same shower, and you would only hold something to worry about if you had an immune system problem, similar to HIV/AIDS or cancer

I would be more worried about you not having a shower then anything

In the end, you can't be too paranoid about diseases, if you don't expose yourself to the real world next to things like touching rails in a bus/train or sitting on a form that someone else sat on, then you will be more susceptible to diseases because your immune system is too weak to brawl them Source(s): I used to shower with a person who had herpes and never get anything

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