Herpes answers! can herpes gross the urine smell strong?

cusin has the herps, long story short, she got raped, guy who raped her had em, spectator sport em to her =/, her urine is starting to smell kinda funny and strong, can it be the herpes doing that or mabey something not related to herpes??
Answers:    no herpes does not do that possibly try drinking more fluids.if that does not sort it out..doctors
she should dance to a doctor or ask her doctor about it. he might want her to come in and get some urine from her to see whats up. does she drink alot of water ? if not then that could be whats making it resembling that but im no doctor...drinking water , as im sure you know, cleanses your systerm...kidneys, liver. very good for your body , get rid of all the junk . have her try to do that and see what happen. im not saying sit there and down a gallon of water but instead of the other things she might drink through out the hours of daylight replace them with just water.
move about to a docter and get it checked out.
rn the favor?
Herpes does not usually produce the urine smell strong. Many other STD's can cause strong smelling urine. Any time the urine has a strong smell it's time to see a gynocologist and get checked out!
No herpes shouldn't affect the smell of urine. It's probably a urinary tract infection (UTI). She should go to the doctor and give a urine sample. I assume she be tested for all other sti's at the time of the herpes diagnoses? If not then she should be tested for these as well.

In the meantime she should drink plenty of fluids.
merely other things i know which cause urine to smell are antibiotics and certain foods - asparagus being one of them. Source(s): Personal experience and extensive reading.
No, she's dehydrated or has an infection. Herpes does not do anything except effect your skin and orifices!
Smelly urine is not relateon cloud nineerpes. Could be dehydration, bladder infection or bacterial infection that is causing the smelly urine. Herpes doesn't make your urine smell.

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