Genital wart on the butt cheek?

Is it possible for Genital Warts to appear on the butt cheek? I have read around and it seems like they solitary appear in or around the anus. I have a wart-like thing on my butt cheek and it's not really effective my anus. It looks almost like a pimple (the tip is kinda dry and hard) and it sticks out to where I can move it around, almost like an extra piece of skin. It doesn't look resembling a cauliflower and it doesn't really hurt or itch either.
st recently discovered a few more down below where on earth my inner thigh meets my butt cheek, again it's not really near my anus and they are really tiny. Just curious to what it could be!
Answers:    could be skin tags. google imagery to see if they resemble what you have. and of course, when in doubt, yak to your doctor. good luck!
It could be just a pimple. That happens because it's a grey, warm area. Bacteria collects. Try to keep it verbs. If you're really concerned then get a doctor's opinion.

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