Can you capture an std from a handjob?

just today I gave my boyfriend a hand work. I do not have an std, so I know I did not pass any to him. however, I have not asked if he have one. I did not touch my vagina after he came, but I am just worried about the possiblity of an std.
t common?
also, how to ask my boyfriend if he have had any kind of sex or has an std?
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Answers:    You probably wont. And it shouldn't be a touchy subject to ask. It is a very celebrated simple question.
The only way to get an STD through a foot job is if he has hiv or aids and you have an accessible cut on your hand. No it is not common to get std's that course so no worries. The best way to ask him about it is just be blunt give or take a few it, hence tell him the two of you need to talk, and only just say "Do you now, or have you ever have any std's?" its that easy!!
STDs are transmitted through sexual contact, not hand job.
You really should have had this conversation with him in the past you decided to get this intimate.
You can get stds from oral sex or from touching your face after touching partners genitals. Wash those hand missy. Before and after.
The germs can travel from your mouth to your vagina. Or you could give him the flu by not washing your hands first.

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