Can you bring an STDS from urine to the eye or skin?

I was getting off the subway and there be some homeless guy peeing in the stairwell as I was walking up and I am not sure if he got any on me as it be splashing all around. What diseases could you get from urine contact like this? What if I get some in my eye? I hurried by understandably and don't remember if I got any on me.
Answers:    There are no STDs in urine. Urine normally sterile unless you have a bladder infection. You're OK.
well im not a doctor or anything but it touched the air first so i dont contemplate you could get HIV/AIDS because the virus would have died in the heavens. but i dont know about any other STDS probably not because it was probably very markedly minimum.
Nathan - Relax. Do not verbs, especially since you don't remember if any of the guy's urine splashed in your eye. Some STDs could spread by urine to eye contact, but the chances are very minute. If the guy have gonorrhea (which inhabits the urethra), or a skin lesion of herpes near the outside pee opening (urethra), an infection could pass. However the infecting agent would not credible be passed through his pants and would die in minutes after leaving the high temperature of the human body needed to sustain a live virus or bacteria. Source(s): a medical lab professional

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