Chances of have HIV?

In December, prolly beginning to mid I had unprotected sex with a co-worker. I do not know his HIV status he say he's fine. he did not *** inside me at all. I was tested first week of Jan, last week of March, and first week of April adjectives were negative, I tested using the rapid finger prick question paper.. Since then I have been stressing so much that I might hold the disease. Every time something comes up I think "Is this a symptom"? It's very scary. I didn't know at the time but he is married and presently his wife is pregnant, about 4 months. Would they have done a blood test for her already? she found out at 2 months. I live contained by CA, if that helps. Please he says they are fine but I have be having some little redish brownish like pinhead size spots on the inside of my cheek come and go for nearly 2 months. I also smoke. What are my chances of contracting this thing? and was my experiment in April conclusive or to close to the window period? appreciation!
nt know if you're african american, but your story doesnt fit those other 2 categories, so I would be more worried about getting herpes or something approaching that in your situation than HIV. Also, wether he ejaculated in you or not medium nothing, you would still be at risk wether he did or not so thats not even worth mentioning. Your test results are 99.9% conclusive after 3 months with Subtype-B which is the strain of HIV found within USA. Unless you were in a situation like me, or you are gay, I wouldn't verbs about it. Your symptoms don't match primary HIV symptoms anyways. You are basing your fears on zilch at all other than the guilt of having unprotected sex. There isnt one indicator or purpose for you to believe he has HIV. I was tested month after month, and even a year later purely to make sure. I had all kind of "symptoms": Diarrhea, Skin problems, headaches, nausea, fatigue, numbness in hands and foot. I googled those symptoms and found them all to be primary HIV symptoms. I now know they are also symptoms of anxiety. I have rosacea immediately which I never had before. The stress of worrying about HIV cause my face to flush so many times as I freaked out, so the redness become permanent. Stop worrying about it before you develop legitimate physical problems from all the stress.
Since HIV is a sexually transmitted disease, and you get yourself tested after your encounter in December, you should be fine. If some of your syptoms scare you, ask a doctor, its probably not a symptom of HIV/AIDS. Hope this helped
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Dr's recommend that you are tested after 6 months later 6 months again as hiv can lay dormant
And yes they do routinely screen pregnant women for HIV,Aids and Hep
The sores surrounded by your mouth? Not likely HIV!! Usually dont start showing ANY symptoms at all until years later! SO i wouldn't verbs about that.

Also, I dont think they routinely check Moms/Babies for HIV?
Care of Yourself and stay protected. I'm sure you are fine this time. Source(s): Nurse
3 test that are negative...I think your fine,
why don't you check near a gynecologist for anything else he could have given you !
I would vote the chances are medium. Sometimes it takes longer for oral exam results to be positive. I suggest you go get one more experiment.
hope you clean from HIV but subsequent time carefull and use condom
You should not be having sex with married men. Women similar to you make the rest of us look bad.

Anyway, enough...I'm sure you're whipping yourself up enough.
You do not have HIV. The rapid exam is very accurate outside of the window period. Most individuals have antibodies by 3 months and all by 6 months. You would not have symptoms, since they do not show up for 10 years. If you're really concerned, procure tested one more time...then talk to your doctor give or take a few anxiety. I'm sure he did not have it, then again he sleeps i'm sure he has some sort of STD. You should carry a full STD screening. There are others that can kill you...syphilis can destroy your insides.

I guess you've learned your lesson.
if you took 3 test and all negative ur fine
When I be pregnant I was tested for HIV, but I don;t know if they do that everywhere.
ink your best bet is to get tested again. Then you can stop worrying roughly speaking it and move on with your life!
It's not possible to have a conclusive HIV assessment until at least 6 months after exposure. You're suffering mostly from guilty conscience.

See your doctor about your current symptoms. They could be indicative of something as simple as stress, stomach upset or an allergy.

I wouldn't worry about it. Chances of you contracting HIV from a man who is married to a woman who appears to not own HIV are very, very slim, and most likely, you don't hold it.

If you've had three tests, and one was three months since you have sex, I wouldn't worry. If it would calm your fears, take one presently to confirm it.
, just so you know, where you live is not a matter of concern.

If you want to know what the things contained by your cheek are, go see your local physician and get them checked out, they may be caused by your smoking Source(s):
Occasionally, it can take up to a year for a person to test positive for HIV. However, you've already have 3 tests, all negative.

Is he a junkie? If so, would he be likely to share needles? Is he a total man whore?

If his wife is pregnant, I doubt that either of them have AIDS. It seem incredibly selfish and irresponsible to bring an HIV positive baby into the world just because you want to own a kid.
ar as your symptoms go, basically everything that is a symptom for AIDS can be a symptom of something else. Get tested again, and within the mean time, try not to worry so much.
Have another check-up. You may be infected but tested negative from 3 weeks to six months. Though he didn't *** inside you, in that is still a possibility of having HIV because of pre-ejaculation which may contain the virus. Though honestly, I think you are not infected with the virus because HIV conducting tests is very accurate and it seldom fails. Don't worry.:)

Please follow this connect so that you will learn more, and I hope it brings ease to your worries. God bless to you. I'll pray that you're not infected.… Source(s):…
If you are that worried about it, go to your doctor, explain and ask for a blood test that the labs can do. You may want to check for everything else while you are at it a moment ago in case. If you find out you do have it, recount him immediately and ask him to get him and his family tested.
Sorry you enjoy AIDS not HIV bu full blown AIDS. You die slowly. You shouldn't have had sex with that doush.
Just pray that you don't have it.

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